Children at our school will be ambitious, enquiring and hungry for learning. They will independently achieve the highest possible standards through continuously improving. Our curriculum will be creative, relevant & will engage learners through outstanding teaching which recognises each child’s individual needs. We will encourage our children to become tolerant, curious and charitable citizens who are well-prepared for their future. Our school will strive to be extended into the local communities, being available and supportive to all.


Our vision will be achieved through creating a learning environment and classroom values which embrace and challenge independent learning.

We will strive to achieve the highest possible standards through setting challenging targets and encouraging children to know no limits to their capacity for learning. Rigorous monitoring and assessment, sharing good practice and relevant on-going professional development will ensure all teaching develops and is sustained at an outstanding level. Our challenging curriculum, being exciting yet relevant, planned to offer clear progression will ensure all learners develop secure foundations in basic literacy and numeracy skills from which their hunger for learning will grow. Our children will develop an understanding of the needs of others through a global awareness of world events.

We will work closely with the local community, being aware of its needs in order to enhance the opportunities available.


Our values will stem from parables from the Bible which the children will identify and become familiar with.

Care for each other….The Good Samaritan

Forgiveness….The Unforgiving Servant

Each one of us is special…The Lost Sheep

Thankfulness…The Prodigal Son

Perseverance and  Trust…The Lost Coin