We are incredibly sad that we are unable to offer the usual transition events this year, however we have put together lots of information to help support you as parents, as well as the children. Our aim is to ensure that, despite recent events, the children have a successful start to school life at Eythorne Elvington Primary School and, most importantly, are happy.

You may want to take a look through our school information booklet to find out more about us before you start…..

We are very excited that your children will be attending our school and we cannot wait to meet you all!

To go on a little tour and to see your new classroom, please click on the following link.

When your child starts school, please consider:

Providing your child with a rain coat in their book bag or on their peg as we are outside whatever the weather.

Leaving a pair of spare wellington boots on your child’s peg in case they want to enjoy the water or sand areas outside.

Putting a spare set of socks, underwear and trousers / skirt into your child’s P.E. bag in case of an emergency; not only for little accidents but sometimes they sit on damp benches outside or slip over in puddles.

Please remember to make sure ALL clothing has  your child’s name in. Please regularly check it is still visible after a few washes.

P.E will be on a Friday and will begin once all children are in full time. Please ensure your child has their PE Kit in school at all times and their earrings are removed or tape is provided so they can be covered.

Learning Sites




Watching Alphablocks is a great way for the children to learn new sounds, as well as learning how to blend the sounds to read.