Saturday, 1 November 2014

Eythorne Elvington Community Primary School


Mrs Liz Bird executive headteacher
Mrs Gillian Pasola head of school
Mrs Jayne Thornton Business Manager
Eythorne Elvington Community Primary School
Adelaide Road, Eythorne, Dover
CT15 4AN
Tel: 01304 830376
Mrs Wendy Guy Family Liaison Officer
Sunflower Children's Centre Adelaide Road
CT15 4AN
Tel: 01304 831793
Fax: 01304 831795
TotsRUs Preschool Tel: 07944 737134
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‘Phil’ the Bag

Fundraising Collection!


 The school’s PTA is holding a ‘Phil the Bag’ fund raiser!

Everyone is welcome to take part!

 Please fill a bag with your unwanted clothes, shoes, bedding, curtains,   belts and handbags.

If you have too much to carry please phone 01304 830376 we can collect.


Our ‘Phil’ the Bag Recycle Day is on

               12th November                                                 











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