Accelerated Reader is a succinct reading programme that supports children with their independent reading giving them achievable targets and feedback.

At Eythorne Elvington we aim to foster a love of reading in all children.  We use Accelerated Reader as a motivational tool, as well as a means of accurately assessing all children to make sure their book is well matched to their level of understanding.

Our Library area in the school hall displaying our Accelerated Reader texts and our very popular cosy reading area.

Each term children will take a Star reader test which gives them an accurate reading range (called a ZPD – Zone of Proximal Development) based on their comprehension and vocabulary skills.  This will be stuck into the child’s reading record.  Children can choose to read books from within their range either from school or home, and once they have finished their book they take a comprehension quiz which assesses their understanding of what they have read. 

The live counters below show how many books have been read in KS2 across the academic year as well as books read per class on a monthly basis, adding a competitive element in school as classes compete against each other for the most books read each month! AR gives both children and teachers feedback based on the quiz results which the teacher then uses to help the child set targets and support their learning.

Should you wish to know more, information is available here:

Below, you will see scores to date for the number of books read. This updates daily…

Whole School

Columbia Reads

Challenger Class