Continious Provision Areas will be found in ALL classrooms at Eythorne Elvington from EYFS up to Year Six. These areas are geared around providing pupils with engaging, purposeful and enjoyble areas within their learning environments for them to be able to go to practice applying their knowledge of understanding and skills.

Areas are everchanging as the teaching moves on and teachers adapt them to suit the areas of focus they deem neccessary. Linked to our whole-school Curriculum Intent of providing first-hand learning experiences for the pupils, well chosen manipulatives and key vocabulary often take pride of place to support the learning of all.

Continuous Provision Area for Maths in Year Two

Pupils have a great affinity for Continuous Provision Areas and will independently seek out opportunities to apply their learning through this means. It is also a popular spot for adults working with pupils in small groups to address any gaps in knowledge or skill.

Continuous Provision Areas encouraging independence of all pupils