In light of the current restrictions on using our outdoor spaces, getting creative when it comes to outdoor learning is important.

Utilise your garden, window sills and get the windows and doors open as much as you can weather permitting, to bring the outside in.  Take the opportunity when going for your one form of exercise a day to collect things along the way.

I hope you have been able to do some of these outdoor learning activities.

Connect With Nature

Some simple things to connect with nature to try in your garden if you have access to one or on you allocated form of exercise.

  1. Create a den (this can also be done inside) Use a bed sheet, blanket, under the table.
  2. Do some cloud watching.
  3. Listen to the birds song.
  4. Star gazing

Check out the link below for more ideas.

The Big Butterfly count will take place from Friday 17 July – Sunday 9 August 2020. 

After the record-breaking temperatures experienced in the UK, the chances of the public witnessing a wide range of butterflies is significantly higher.

However, as a result of the early summer heatwaves, the butterflies are in danger due to effected plant growth and condition from the droughts.

Have fun with it and get creative, I can’t wait to see and hear about how you got on. It would be wonderful to see some of your home learning.

Are you mad about butterflies? Follow the link and find out more about them . we love looking for butterflies in our garden and out on our walks,we take our butterfly ID Dial with us so we can learn more about them .

There are so many beautiful flowers out a the moment. Can you make your own flower perfume or flower soup?

Thank you all for being so amazing.

Keep up all the good work and remember this should be fun so don’t forget to take time out and just enjoy your time you have with your families . Missing all your smiling faces

Thank you for all your hard work

Mrs Wilkinson-Tough

Make your own water filter. Watch your muddy water turn clear and clean!

Can you create your own life cycle of a butterfly or another animal or insect?

You could use things from nature or just from around your home to create your life cycle.