Our School Governors

Welcome to the section of the website where you can find out more about our school’s governors, and the work that they do.

Meet Our Governors

Name Governor



Term of Office START Business Interests Attendance 2021-22 academic year
Mrs Kerry Bardsley (Vice Chair) Co-opted Governor 18.10.2023 No Business Interests FGB 5/5 Resources 5/5
Mrs Rebecca Dyer Co-opted Governor 19.05.2021 No Business Interests Attendance R 4/5 FGB 5/5
Mr Dominic Meehan (Safeguarding Governor/Chair of Governors) Co-opted Reappointed 14/10/2020 Managing Director Woodpecker Court Youth Activities Ltd FGB 5/5 L&D 3/4 (1)
Mrs Lisa Taylor Co-opted 03.01.17
Reappointed 03/03/21
Member of staff Eythorne Elvington FGB 3/5 L&D 4 /4
Mr Neil Garvey Ex-Officio (Staff) 01/09/16 Member of staff Eythorne



FGB 5/5 Resources 5/5 L&D 4/4
Mr Mark Lamb Ex-Officio (Staff) 21/10/15 Member of staff Sibertswold



FGB 5/5 Resources 4/4 L&D 4/4
Mrs Katie Gibbs Co-opted 11 Dec 19 No Business Interests FGB 4/6 (1) L&D 4/4
Reverend Sean Sheffield Foundation Governor Ex-Officio 20.09.20 Member of Governing Body for Whitfield Aspen Primary School FGB 4/6 (2) L&D 3 /4 (1)
Mrs Tanya Pettit Staff Governor 8/12/2021 Member of staff  
Mrs Heidi Fielder Co-opted Governor 8/12/2021
End date for Associate Governor – 15.3.2022
Start date for a Co-opted Governor – 16.3.2022
No Business Interests  
Mrs Cathy Wray LA Governor 12.10.2022 No Business Interests FGB 5/5 Resources 4/5
Mr George Betteridge Co-opted 12.10.2022 No Business Interests 0/0
Mrs Jenny Groombridge Foundation Governor 18.10.2022 No Business Interests 0/0
Mr Keith Roberts Foundation Governor 18.10.2022 No Business Interests 0/0
Mr Adam Kent Parent Reappointed 16.10.19
Resigned 3.10.22
Director of Finance and Operations, Duke of Yorks Royal Military School.
Academy Advisory Board Barton Primary School, Dover


Wife – Self-employed Hairdresser

FGB 2/5 Resources 2/5