Head TeacherMr Garvey
SENDCOMrs Whannell
Discovery Class TeacherMrs Spurgeon
Voyager Class TeacherMr Bekker
Challenger Class TeacherMrs Taylor
Columbia Class TeacherMr Allen
Endeavour Class TeacherMr Hutcheon
Specialist Speech & Language TA Mrs Townsend
Discovery Class TAMiss Fisher
Voyager Class TAMs Jones
Voyager Class TAMs Lazarus
Challenger Class TAMs Hall
Challenger Class TAMs Ryhdderch
Columbia Class TAMs Silverton
Columbia Class TAMrs Marsden
Endeavour Class TAMiss Hearn
Music Specialist TeacherMr Miles
Business ManagerMrs Thornton
Admin AssistantMs Uyl
CaretakerMs McGarry
Cleaner and Premises SupportMs Hall
Breakfast and After School ClubMs Silverton
Midday SupervisorMrs Perrin

No members of staff earn over £100,000.00