At Eythorne Elvginton, we pride ourselves on making all learning environments purposeful, engaging and presented to a high standard. 

Our learning corridor which links all but one of our school’s classrooms, is bright and colourful with signage depicting all of our vision statements for each area of the curriculum.  Above each classroom doorway, next to their class name are handwritten quotes linked to our school values.  These quote stretch the entire length of the school to remind the children of our whole school ethos.

Each classroom – from Reception right up to Year Six – the expectation is that these areas should be set out to suit the age group of the pupils operating within it.  Working walls are a key ingredient to every classroom and are a key resources in capturing the key teaching points and vocabulary from each lesson which the pupils can refer back to at all times.  Continuous provision areas can be seen in each classroom for each of the core subject areas of the curriculum.  These areas are there to provide opportunities for pupils to practice their learning and apply skills and knowledge that they have gained.

Our whole school learning wall in the hall demonstrates the high profile nature that is has at Eythorne Elvington.  At the hub of the school, children can come here to take their latest reading quiz, select another text or show off their reading skills to an adult.