At Elvington and Eythorne school the intention of our music curriculum is, first and foremost, to help children feel musical, and to develop a life-long love of music. We focus on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding that children need in order to become confident performers, listeners and composers. Our curriculum aims to teach children about music from all around the world and across generations, teaching them to respect and appreciate the music of all traditions and communities.

Throughout their musical journey at Eythrone and Elvington children develop the musical skills of singing, playing tuned and untuned instruments, improvising and composing music, and listening and responding to music.

As with all subject areas, our Music curriculum is geared around our school values.  Through music we aim to give all pupils the confidence to develop their musical skills and to perform for a range of audiences.  We drive children on to have ambitions to take their musical knowledge and skills to the very highest of levels including future career aspirations.  Pupils are modelled as to how to show perseverance when taking on musical challenges or playing instruments for the very first time.  All pupils are expected to show empathy to others when working in small groups or as part of a larger musical team.  Finally, children are given the believe to know that they can be a success in Music and that it is something to be comfortable with and be proud of.


We follow a broad and balanced Music curriculum that builds on previous learning and provides both support and challenge for learners.

We follow a programme that ensures progression of skills and covers all aspects of the NC.

All classes receive a weekly music session delivered by a specialist music teacher.

All children in KS2 receive whole class instrumental lessons on African Ukulele (long term plans).

All children have opportunities to perform in a variety of contexts including assemblies, school services and plays at Harvest / Christmas / Easter etc, as well as dedicated music concerts and showcases.

All children have the opportunity to further their musical interest through  enrichment opportunities such as Rock Band, Ukulele Club and by involvement in community projects and projects with other local schools. 


Our children will enjoy and value Music and know why they are doing things, not just how. 

Our children will understand and appreciate the value of music in the context of their overall confidence, personal wellbeing and future opportunities

Our children will leave Eythorne and Elvignton with a range of musical and transferable skills that will enable them to succeed in their secondary education and to be able to enjoy and appreciate music throughout their lives.