Our intention, as a school, is the EVERY pupil – irrespective of their background or challenges they may face away from school – is given the same opportunities to be able to make good or better progress and achieve at least age expected in all areas of the curriculum.  This focus of our Pupil Premium Strategy, with this in mind, is to put in place necessary initiatives and interventions to allow this the best possible chance of happening.

Being a small school (110 pupils on roll as of the time of writing this report NOV 2021) we are able to know all of our pupils well – their strengths and weaknesses and their family background also.  We are able to use this information effectively to ensure that the necessary steps put in place for children are bespoke and relevant to the needs of each child.  We are very much aware that not all pupil premium are “low achievers”, “lack aspiration”, “lack support from home” – at the same time, we are aware that for some this will apply.

Our entire focus on this is geared around high quality teaching.  As a school we ensure we do not narrow the curriculum in anyway, however, this pupil premium strategy will focus on the core subject areas and in particular reading and phonics.  This approach is proven through research carried out across the UK, to have the greatest impact on closing the disadvantage attainment gap. We believe that by focussing on ensuring age-expected reading levels are secured quickly to allow pupils to access all learning opportunities.

Our strategy is also integral to wider school plans for education recovery, notably in its targeted support through the National Tutoring Programme for pupils whose education has been worst affected and this includes both disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils. Again, we will use the benefits of being a small school to ensure that we put in place effective interventions related to pupils individual needs and address any identified gaps quickly and effectively.

Please see below attached our Pupil Premium/Catch Up Strategy Document