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Maths Week November 2020

Monday 9th – Friday 13th November 2020
Maths Week England.
We started the week by dressing up as RockStars, Robots and Numbers to celebrate the launch of our online games TTRockStars and Numbots. Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped make us look so amazing.
We then had a fantastic week of maths activities. On Monday classes battled it out to see who would become timetables champions for their class and winning children took certificates home – don’t forget there is another chance to be a timetables rockstar at the end of this term – keep practising!
On Tuesday each class was read a story by their class teacher. This story then paved the way for all sorts of amazing maths activities – we went on an animal hunt in Discovery, Voyager went shopping, Atlantis had cookies to share while Columbia had one too many beans. And Endeavour imagined the world was a village with the help of a few statistics.
Wednesday saw us all packing up for an imaginary holiday in the sun as we investigated how many outfits we could make with different numbers of shorts and t-shirts.
Finally, at the end of the week we combined maths, computing and art to work with tessellating shapes.


Voyager Term 5 Week 5

Wow Voyager you have been busy this week. Making puppets for the Paperbag Princess, making your own clothing from reusable items, investigating compund words, thinking of questions for the characters in our story – all have blown me away! Thank you for all your hard work and for sending me these photos.


Voyager Term 5 Week 4

Once again, Voyager have been busy this week writing an information leaflet about Castles now that they have learned so much about them. They also created some amazing art and some incredible catapults. I’m very very prou of you all for your resilience, effort and enthusiasm!


Voyager Term 5 week 3

This week Voyager class have learnt and retold the story of Rapunzel, investigated phonemes and suffixes, continued to practise using fractions and made art in the style of Paul Klee’s “The Castle and the Sun”.
Voyager you continue to amaze me, keep sending those photos, I reply to all of them!


Positive messages!

I was missing your faces and so set you a challenge to send me a positive message and your smiley face – here are the ones I have had so far including some surprise faces for you all. Please keep sending and I will keep adding them! It would be amazing to have everyne up here even if it’s a photo from your phone!

Bailey 2

Voyager Term 5 week 1

Here is a selection of the learning that Voyager has been doing since we came back from the Easter break. I’m so proud of you all trying to keep going and you’re all doing so well!!! Please send me more photographs as I love o see what you have been up to!